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Yard Smart is leading the way in landscape design, installation, and management services throughout Nassau County.  Our combined project experience and demonstrated abilities provides our clients with a high level of professional services and results that consistently exceed expectations. Yard Smart is particularly proud that a significant portion of our client roster is comprised of long-term relationships.

All great things start as an idea but without proper planning and thought an idea either remains an idea or falls far short of its potential.

While some people love the design process, there are certainly some that could do without it. However not taking the time to properly plan your project is asking for trouble. There are so many different things that go into an Outdoor Living Space that taking the time to plan everything properly will literally pay dividends and save everyone involved a lot of frustration

We do a lot of designs in house and also work with local landscape architects, landscape designers, conservation commission agents, town planning boards, custom builders and other trades to ensure that no matter how big or small your project, everything has been taken into account. Even something as small as the proper placement for AC units or how the underground utilities will interfere with an drainage system.

Once we meet and review the property, your goals and budget for the project we can provide you with the cost of designing your custom outdoor living space. All designs will include the cost of installation, material selections, layouts and time frame.

There are many different aspects to designing a landscape.  Yard Smart offers design services for all venues, whether it is a small flower bed to designing an entire newly constructed property.  Depending on the necessities of the planting, old shrubs may have to be removed, soil may have to be removed or added, new shrubs, trees, or perennials need to be planted, mulch or rock may be added and the grounds need to be repaired after the job is completed.  Yard Smart can complete any and all aspects of any planting in a timely manner.  Yard Smart also includes a free Six month fertilizer application for every plant that we put in!

Call for Free Consultation :  (516) 262-5010

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