Ensuring your yard is fertilized and protected properly from various invasive pests is vital to the health and well being of your lawn and shrubbery.  Yard Smart maintains its New York State Pesticide license and offers completely integrated organic and inorganic lawn treatment programs at the most reasonable prices available.  Yard Smart embraces the research that Cornell Cooperative does and abides by the prudent practices that they put forth; we ensure that our practices are not harmful to the environment and our customers, because after all, it is our planet!

We offer three basic packages that can be either organic or inorganic.

The Basic Package includes:

Lime application

Crabgrass Control

Three fertilizer applications

One Broadleaf weed control application

Our supreme package includes:

Lime application

Spring Blend fertilizer

Annual Flower Bed Fertilizer application

Crabgrass Control application

Grub Control and Insecticide application

Blanket Broadleaf Weed Control application

Unlimited Broadleaf Spot treatments

Six Fertilizer Applications

Sidewalk, Driveway, Patio and Flower Bed Weed Control as Necessary

Insect Control

Our special package that helps control Nats, Mosquitos, Wasps, Flies, Moths and numerous other pests that ruin your backyard experience.  It includes five to six applications depending on the season and can be added to either of our other packages.

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