Stella Sweet Cherry Tree

Welcome back!  Today’s plant that we’ll be getting into is the Stella Sweet Cherry tree.  This is a really cool tree because it has everything somebody could want in a tree, color, size, and above all, Fruit!  We don’t get the privilege to have many fruit trees here in New York, so in my opinion, we should jump on this one.  The Stella Sweet Cherry tree begins the season with a bang, they produce beautiful white buds just like the Weeping Cherries, only the Stella Sweet Cherry tree doesn’t weep.  It’s an upright perky tree that will grow to about 25 feet.  After the flowering part of the season the Stella Sweet Cherry tree produces green leaves, sweet, delicious, and edible cherries in June. Watering the Stella Sweet Cherry tree is also easy.  This tree needs less water than most of the other plants in your garden.  This isn’t to say that they won’t survive in an area that gets watered regularly but I would recommend putting it in an area where the sprinklers don’t reach too well.  Because of the height and width that the tree grows to, I like to place them in an area off to the side, along the back of the yard, displaying their colors as the backdrop to your yard.  It is important that after the tree bears fruit, it be picked or cleaned up after the fruit falls.  We do this because the rotting fruit on the ground will attract bees and give off a smell, nobody likes those to things, stinky and stingers.  All in all the Stella Sweet Cherry tree is a beautiful, productive addition to any landscape.