Snowfall Weeping Cherry

The Snowfall Weeping Cherry tree is a very popular flowering tree that has a lot of unique characteristics that make it desirable in our yards.  Weeping Cherries grow from seven to 15 feet and up to 15 feet wide.  In the spring, they produce either white or pink flowers that weep down as far as you wish to trim them.  In the fall, the leaves turn to a beautiful yellow-orange color that makes one appreciate the change of season.  Snowfall Weeping Cherries in particular are very hearty, healthy and generally disease resistant.  A rule of thumb with gardening is that the prettier the plant, the more delicate and difficult it is.  The Snowfall Weeping Cherry is the exception to this rule.  Weeping Cherries can be accommodated into your lawns watering schedule and prefer the sun’s spotlight as it is considered a full sun plant (although it will be okay in partial shade too.)  The most common spot for these are in central focusing points of a landscape.  This means the corner of the house in the front yard or the middle of a garden.  The Snowfall Weeping Cherry is not a tree that can be taken out of the spotlight of the garden, it’s beauty, color and shape will draw anybody’s eye it’s way.