Schipka Cherry Laurel

After going through my blog posts, I have realized that I have neglected an issue that is all too common on our properties, shade.  There are various shade loving shrubs that are absolutely stunning, but for me, the Schipka Cherry Laurel commonly referred to as “Schip” Laurels is definitely the most remarkable.  The Schip Laurel generally grows to about 6 feet high and 4 to 6 feet wide.  These shrubs are great because they flourish in the shade, filling in those areas where nothing will grow and covering them with dark green waxy leaves that produce puffy white flowers in the spring.  Schip Laurels require a medium amount of water, they will flourish in the same water schedule that your lawn needs to survive, so no special attention is needed as far as water is concerned.  The Schip Laurel is very useful for landscaping and is incredibly unique because it is a plant that prefers shade and produces color, even when not in bloom, it is pleasing to the eye.  With praise being high on the Schip Laurels end, it does have one downfall, it does regularly get a disease known as Shot Hole Disease.  This disease is commonly misdiagnosed as a insect issue but it is actually a fungus that must be treated with a fungicide.  Shot Hole Disease will not kill the shrub right away and affords us adequate time to remedy the situation.  I like to use Schip Laurels as hedges in the shady part of the yard, normally against the house or along a fence.  I also think that they look pretty in clusters where shade is the dominant condition.