Blue Fescue Grass

Today I am going to focus on a grass that is “growing” in popularity.  Blue Fescue grass offer a very low maintenance perennial grass that is unique in color in maintenance.  There are a few different types but they are all very similar.  Blue Fescue grass grows to about a foot tall and a foot wide.  It’s name blurts out its color as it is a blue grass that has tan straw chutes that shoot up in the late Summer.  Blue Fescue grass is very hard and can withstand drought as it does not require much water.  It can also withstand a surplus of water, so it is ideal for any garden.  At the end of the season all that is needed is a cut back or comb out to prepare it for winter.  I like to cluster these grasses in the front of any landscape and especially by rock, particularly Blue Stone.  It helps to add some texture to landscapes, offers something different than flowers and shrubs.