Carpet Rose

The Carpet Rose is a relatively new addition to the landscaping community.  This new and unique alternative to the original Rose bush grows much shorter than their predecessor, at 2 to 2 ½ feet high and up to 4 feet wide.  The Carpet Rose is a colorful solution to any bare spot in your yard as it grows rapidly and produces up to 2,000 colorful flowers in a single season.  Many people steer clear of Rose bushes as their huge thorns and susceptibility to disease makes them a burden to the gardener.  The Carpet Rose still has thorns but are smaller and more manageable when hedging due to the thinner stalks of the shrub, allowing them to easily be raked up when trimmed.  They were also engineered to be disease resistant, so Powdery Mildew and Black Spot are far less likely to emerge on the Carpet rose.  The Carpet Rose flourishes in full sun however and in partial shade, however it will produces less Rose’s in partial shade.  It’s water needs are not unique as it needs the same amount of water as your lawn, it is also drought resistant which makes it able to survive in the area’s where your sprinkler may not get to as well.  This is useful because we all have those spots where we want color but all of the colorful plants need water that we can’t provide; the Carpet Rose offers a solution to this problem.  I like to put these in the front of my landscapes because they offer a wide variety of colors that really make the garden vibrant.  Some of the colors offered are Red, Pink, White,Yellow, Coral, Dark Pink, Light Pink and multicolored.  I recently put a Red Crawling Rose surrounded by Yellow Day Lilies in a front corner bed and found them incredibly contrasting and exciting.