Vinca Minor

Today I am going to share some information on a very useful flower that is not widely utilized, Vinca Minor or Common Periwinkle.  Vinca Minor is a low lying flowering groundcover whose bluish violet flowers lay on a dense bed of dark waxy leaves.  This is a colorful solution to the shady bare spots in the yard where nothing seems to grow.  It is a great alternative to other bland and ugly groundcovers that landscapers and homeowners retreat to all too often.  Vinca Minor is a fast growing, hearty, flowering vine that grows about 6 to 10 inches tall and outwards as much as one allows.  It requires the same water schedule as your lawn and will, once established, accommodate less water should the need arise.   Vinca Minor is useful in shady areas where grass doesn’t seem to grow and the dirt obstructs the beauty of the landscape.  It will grow over the mud very quickly and provide a lush blanket of purple and green that the grass couldn’t.  I like to use this on dirt slopes because it helps prevent erosion.  I also plant Vinca Minor in shady areas where nothing will grow and hide the soil.  It is my “go to” plant for eye sore areas under trees and alongside the shady sides of the house’s foundation.