Tiger Lily

Today I am going to focus on another rightfully popular wildflower that we see all the time, the Tiger Lily.  The Tiger Lily is a bright, vibrant, orange and pink flower that grows up to be about four feet tall.  These flowers are exceptionally hearty and require very little care.  Once the Tiger Lily has established itself, it will widen out in 1-2 foot clusters.  They prefer sun but are shade tolerant.  The Tiger Lily is also very easy to split and plant elsewhere in the yard which makes them not only easy on the eyes, but easy on the budget.  Although I wouldn’t recommend it, the Tiger Lily is also known to have medical benefits, such as easing nausea and aggravation. Although these flowers are absolutely beautiful, they do have two minor downfalls; they are vulnerable to disease and slugs are drawn to them.  Although they are susceptible to disease, it is not common and shouldn’t hinder one from planting them if they like them.  I like to put them in circular beds around a specimen such as a Snowfall Weeping Cherry or smaller upright trees.  I also put them in perimeter beds with larger trees and shrubs to add vibrant color.